Turn your 2o’s into a cash machine and...change lives whilst doing it.

Stick around and we'll show you how

The 20 something Coach Club™ is the only corner of the internet for 20 something year olds ready to...


Dream Clients
Say goodbye to the feast and famine cycle and hello to ideal clients on demand.


In Their Sauce
Start embodying the energy of a fully booked coach & charging your worth.


To Create Change
Build signature programmes
that gets your clients powerful results every time.
You’ve probably seen thousands of Facebook ads for coaching programmes, online courses and membership sites that sound like they're for something like this.

But, without sounding like those “babe, I’m different” type dudes...

We really are different...

This is not...a coaching programme

You won’t have to spend $$$$ only to be left with the crazy pressure to turn your whole life around...in 3 months.


You can check out The 20 Something Coach Club™ for  FREE today.

And then stay with us for as long as you need for less than £1 a day! 

This is not...an online course

We won’t give you all the "right" info without the support you need to actually implement.


✔ Exclusive SUBJECT specific training videos & templates every month.

  ✔Access to a community of 20 something coaches on the same journey as you. 

✔ Live and direct weekly access to ask your head coach (Mayfair) anything. 

This is not...group coaching.

You won’t get cookie cutter support that doesn’t really address where you want to be and what you’re struggling with.

The 20 Something Coach Club™ is SPECIFIC, created for the 20 something that's laser focused on building a wildly successful coaching business.

If this is you, this will be the goldmine of relevant support you've been looking for.

I know we're talking a big game, but...

Aunty Cardi said it best “I'm the queen of talkin' sh*t, then I'm backin' it up”

Photo credit: The Mega Agency
Our method has helped other 20 something's, to get the exact result you're looking for,
and we've got receipts to prove it..

Okay, but how do we make sure you get results? 

The C-E-O Method

We've include EVERYTHING you will possibly need to take your coaching business to the next level, even as a newbie...


You'll get to collaborate, connect, cry, laugh and thrive with other 20 Somethings who get it + get constant access to a head coach to guide you throughout.


✔ EXCLUSIVE access to The 20 Something Coach Club™ FB group to ask anything ANY time.

✔ Monthly live Q and A calls with Mayfair.

✔ Group quarterly planning sessions. 


Get ALL of the back end, inside info you need to build a coaching business that grows with ease. This landing page you're reading? we've got a training video on how to build your own + sooo many other juicy topics.


✔ New training videos every month on topics like creating your signature offer, running sales calls, mindset and more!

✔ Exclusive templates and done-for-you resources.


Coaching is a sought after skill that opens up tons of paid opportunities that you've probably never considered. We've done the hard work for you and put all of these into one place + new opportunities added monthly - (Think of  'indeed.co.uk' except for coaches)


✔ A directory of one off and ongoing opportunities specifically for coaches, think $$$$ speaking engagements, paid writing opportunities, online workshops and more.
the investment
This all sounds great, but can we talk numbers 👀 
(We love a chick who minds her money, we've got you)
today you pay:
Then just £29/month (cancel anytime)
  • ✓ Free 14 day trial.
  • ✓ New Monthly training videos.
  • ✓ Exclusive templates and done-for-you resources.
  • ✓ Monthly Live Q&A Sessions. 
  • ✓ Group quarterly planning Sessions. 
  • ✓ The 20 Something Coach Club™ FB group Access. 
  • ✓ Coaching Opportunties Directory.

The Face Behind The 20 Something Coach Club™ 

Your Head Coach & Cheerleader 
Hey !
     I'm Mayfair 
I'm so excited to work with you inside The 20 Something Coach Club™, a platform I created because I know exactly what it's like to be where you are. I started my coaching business at 20 year olds while at university studying law. I knew I wanted to make a massive impact in the world, but I wanted to do it in a way that didn’t require me to exchange 40+ hours a week for a pay check that I would have no time to spend. 

Since starting my business 3 years ago I have: 
⤑  Coached hundreds of individuals around the world including entrepreneurs, celebrity stylists, pro-athletes and International speakers.

⤑  Published my debut book (The Becoming) and received a publishing deal to write a second book.

⤑  Built a coaching business that allows me to work from anywhere in the world!

So what happens after 14 days?

Your account will automatically be upgraded to membership level - giving you FULL access to new and current resources for as long as you're with us. At this point you will be billed. If however you don't love The 20 Something Coach Club™, you can cancel your trial at anytime! 

So what happens next?

You'll fill out your details which will allow us to create an account for you. Once you do this you're in! You'll have instant access to The 20 Something Coach Club™! This includes the Facebook group where training's will be held + a selection of resources from the membership suite.

More FAQ'S

I haven't started coaching yet, can I still join?
Absolutely! This is perfect for both new, aspiring and experienced 20 something coaches.

Can I cancel anytime?
We've created this to be the kind of club that grows with you, so we hope you won't want to cancel but if you do - you absolutely can at anytime. 

I still have more questions!
No problem. Just drop us a message using the chatbox on the right and one of  team will get back to you asap.
How much access will I have to Mayfair?
You will have access to ask Mayfair questions during the monthly Q&A's and in the FB group. If you decide to pay annually, you'll also get daily access to Mayfair through the private slack group.

How does billing work?
If you choose to sign up through the monthly payments, then your first payment will be due the day your 14 day trial ends. From there, you will be billed every month on the day that you enrolled.
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